“Root” literally means the underground and essential part of a plant that anchors it, and enables absorption of nutrient and moisture.  It also means origin and beginning. “Root” also plays on the word “Route”, referring to travellers’ airport journey.

“98” is the year 1998 when Plaza Premium Group was founded. As a premium airport hospitality service provider, we value our root and stay true to our initial aspiration when founder Song Hoi See first started the business: to enhance the airport experience by introducing efficiencies and addressing travel pain points. Today, we continue to evolve and enhance our service offerings to meet and exceed travellers’ expectations.

At Root98, we offer a healthy menu prepared using selected herbs and seeds. Superfoods are hand-picked by our team to ensure each dish brings you nourishment, while maximising natural flavours.

Root98 Grab ‘n’ Go offers a sumptuous variety of western-style quick and healthy food with fresh local ingredients as well as a selection of slow-pressed juices. Here we cater to those who are keen to tackle travel woes with a delicious snack or a wholesome filling meal.

Root98 Grab ‘n’ Go Hong Kong

Level 5, Arrivals Hall B, Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +852 2127 4536

Opening Hours: Temporarily closed

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Root98 Winnipeg, Canada

Arrivals, Winnipeg Richardson International Airport

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1 204 504 9523

Opening Hours: Temporarily closed

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Root98 Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Shop 1100, Departure Level – Check-in Hall, King Fahd International Airport

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +966 133 8830106

Opening Hours: 24 hrs daily, take out only